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We value all voices, experiences and personages regardless of their academic standing, educational level, gender or non-gender, ethnicity, class, (dis)abilities, religious or non-religious background, or immigration status. You are valued and wanted at this conference. Your voices, ideas, papers, and personage matter.

We recognise that attendance at a conference can hold additional burdens for precariously employed individuals, for students and for those with caring responsibilities. For that reason we guarantee that we will never charge registration fees or membership dues to anyone. The cost of the conference is $220 which covers two nights accommodation, all meals, tea / coffee breaks, use of IT equipment, Wifi throughout your stay, room hire for the panels and full access to the entire conference.

We welcome parents and families to the conference, and we encourage young parents and nursing parents to attend with their infants and children. We will work to support your needs and the needs of your children and family. If you want a separate room or space for breastfeeding we can provide that but please know that breastfeeding is also welcome in the room during presentations. Currently we are unable to provide childcare facilities, but children are welcome to attend the conference with their parent(s) and we hope to be able to provide such facilities in the future when we are more established. For anyone who is a carer for disabled children or adult or who is responsible for elder care and would like to participate but cannot leave their caring responsibilities please indicate that in your abstract submission and we will work with you to ensure that you can present and receive feedback and support via digital means.

We welcome participants with mobility or disability issues. We will accommodate your needs throughout the conference and for all resources we develop beyond the conference. Any information you provide the organisers about your needs will remain confidential, but providing such information in advance makes it easier to ensure your needs are met. We can arrange your presentation panel slot around any medical regime you require. In addition, all dietary needs will be catered for if you let the organisers know in advance if you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, have allergies, low carb, kosher, halal or any combination thereof.

Please note that we are a small organisation and as such are unable to provide bursaries, travel grants or funds for visa applications. We can provide you with an official letter of invite and a subsequent letter of participation if your university or funding body requires it or if it is necessary for travel or visa requirements. If you are impacted by the travel ban to the USA, or if you wish to avoid travelling to the US as a means of protesting it, we understand that attending an academic conference is not worth the risks of being denied entry or return, being detained or deported, or losing immigration status. We respect stances of conscience. You are valued, wanted, and welcome and so we will work with you to ensure you can present via digital means. Again please let the conference organisers know in advance if this impacts you.

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