Elayne Oliphant

Keynote speaker – Dr Elayne Oliphant, NYU, “The Implicit, the Banal and the Hyper-Visible: Xenophobia and the Inequalities of Public Religious Life”

George Gonzalez

George González, “Implicit Religion, Capitalism and the Urban”

Bonnie Carroll

Bonnie Carroll, “Crossing and Dwelling via College Activism”


John G. Grisafi, “A Laissez Faire Policy? Defining and Categorising Religion in Occupied South Korea.”

Ann Duncan

Ann Duncan, “The Sacred Living Movement: Implicit Religion and the Challenge of Cultural Appropriation.”

Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver, “Confessions of a White Devil: Interrogating the Implications of Religion and Racism.”

Brent Plate

Workshop – Professor S. Brent Plate, “Getting Published in Academia”

Lucy Spoliar

Lucy Spoliar, “Implicit Religion, Satire and British Television.”

Morgan Barbre

Morgan Barbre, “Implicit Religion and Birth Narratives.”


Jae Geffken

Jae Geffken, “The Misfortunes: Tabletop RPGs as Implicit Religion.”

Jordan Loewen

Jordan Loewen, “The Implicit Religion of Virtual Reality.” 

Michael Beil

Michael Beil, “Who’s really Catholic anyway? The cosmology of pre-conciliar Catholicism and its “inner-universe of meaning”

Octavio Carassuco

Octavio Carrasco, “Restive Spirits, Seeking Release: The Religious Dimensions of The Grateful Dead.”

francis stewart

Francis Stewart, “This is [not] the ALF: Implicit Religion, Punk Rock and Animal Activism.”

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