Monmouth university

The Implicit Religion USA conference will be held at Monmouth University, Long Beach, New Jersey.

During the conference you will stay on campus for two nights, have full access to their wifi and other guest services. The cost of $220 covers your accommodation, meals from the evening of the 3rd until the afternoon of the 5th, and the full conference programme. We are not able to cover or reimburse any travel expenses you incur in getting to Monmouth, however we can provide an official letter of participation if you require one to reclaim expenses from your own institution.

Please let the organisers know if you require any amendments or adjustments to make the conference more accessible to you and your needs. This might be in regards to diet, allergies, avoiding stairs / access to a lift, panel participation to accommodate a medicine regime. Children and infants are welcome to attend with parents, a separate breastfeeding room can be made available if nursing parents require it but please feel welcome to breastfeed during the panels. At this stage we are unable to offer childminding facilities but this is something we hope to add in the future.

We are very open to suggestions prior to or throughout the conference if anything occurs that you think would make it more accessible and inclusive to all.

Map of Monmouth

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